Wire Suspension Double Wire Connectors & Shelf Clip

Wire Suspension Double Wire Connectors & Shelf Clip

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The Double Wire Connectors & Shelf Clip provide connection and mounting points for 3/64" stainless steel wire. The slotted connector allows the wire suspension frame to be installed prior to the attachement hardware being added. (content 75% recycled aluminum).

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The precision Double Wire Connector & Shelf Clips are machined from solid aircraft-grade aluminum in a variety of sizes. All product is finished with a six-dip process, which molecularly bonds the finish to the metal surface. The Double Wire Connector & Shelf Clips are used to hold various material thicknesses from 1/8" to 1/2" in 1/8" increments. A nylon tipped set screw (included) is used to lock material into place. Internal counterbored hole accepts a 5/16-18 low head screw (included) to allow connection to other Wire, Rod, & Standoff components. We use only US processed aluminum. The extrusions & raw barrels are 75% recycled aluminum. Parts are machined with eco-friendly products. Modified packaging minimizes waste. Loading Capacity: 50lbs per clip.


Shelf Clip Sizes: 
(SC125) holds 1/8" 
(SC250) holds 1/4"
(SC375) holds 3/8"
(SC500) holds 1/2"

(1" distance from either side)

Steps to Placing an Order:
#1 Order Connector & Shelf Clip
#2 Order Wire 3/64" gauge (order seperately)
#3 Order Mounting Bracket or other component (if applicable)
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Ships in: 48hrs.

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