Electri-Pak Quad Plex Multi-Circuit Outlet Power Module

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New QUAD-PLEX with Double Duplex feature brings more flexibility to the industry than any other modular system now available.

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A power block with four simplex receptacles per side or single sided. The pre-wired system provides an isolated/dedicated circuit with its own ground and neutral, completely sheilded for isolation against harmful Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI). Choose from 7wire 3circuit, 8wire 3circuit, 8wire 3circuit with two dedicated circuits, 8wire 4circuit, or 16wire 6circuit. The Tri-Plex power module consists of three simplex receptacle while the Quad-Plex consists of four simplex. Power modules are made of high impact resistant LEXAN concealed in a rugged steel powder coated housing. The simplex receptacles can be removed from the Tri-Plex or Quad-Plex without disrupting power but only with the use of a simplex removal tool. The simplex removal tool insures your safety that only authorized personnel can remove receptacles. The simplexes are available in different depths to clear modesty panels or partitions.

  • 3+D: 3 Utility Circuits. 1 Isolated/Designated Circuit shielded against EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference)
  • 2+2: 2 Utility Circuits, all with separate neutrals, 2 Utility, plus 1 Isolated/Dedicated
  • System 83: 3 Circuits, all with separate neutrals
    2 Utility, plus 1 Isolated/Dedicated
  • System 83M: 2 Isolated Circuits, 1 Isolated/Dedicated
    3IG+1: 3 Isolated Ground Circuits, 1 Convenience Circuit

Available as a triplex unit (2 utility, 1 isolated ground). Units can be ordered as a dual sided unit or single sided unit.

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