Electri-Pak Tri Plex Multi-Circuit Outlet Power Module

Electri-Pak Tri Plex Multi-Circuit Outlet Power Module
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Lexan power blocks with three simplex receptacles per side or single sided.

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A power block with three simplex receptacles per side or single sided. The pre-wired system provides an isolated/dedicated circuit with its own ground and neutral, completely sheilded for isolation against harmful Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI). Choose from 7wire 3circuit, 8wire 3circuit, 8wire 3circuit with two dedicated circuits, 8wire 4circuit, or 16wire 6circuit. The Tri-Plex power module consists of three simplex receptacle while the Quad-Plex consists of four simplex. Power modules are made of high impact resistant LEXAN concealed in a rugged steel powder coated housing. The simplex receptacles can be removed from the Tri-Plex or Quad-Plex without disrupting power but only with the use of a simplex removal tool. The simplex removal tool insures your safety that only authorized personnel can remove receptacles. The simplexes are available in different depths to clear modesty panels or partitions.

Exclusive Features & Benefits

  • Shielded "Isolated Ground" Circuits
  • Triplex Power Module With Six Individual Circuit Simplex Receptacles
  • Six Receptacles per Power Module
  • Receptacle Security (Removal Tool Required)
  • Protection Against EMI (Shielding), (Electro-Magnetic Interference)
  • Circuit Requirements are Tailored to Specific Needs
  • 50% Cost Savings Over Duplex Outlet Systems
  • Receptacles Can Only be Changed by Authorized Personnel with "Simplex Removal Tool"
  • All Electri-Pak™ Systems Have Identical Dimensions. System Upgrades Require Only a Model Number Change

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