Power End Feed Metal Flex Cables

Power End Feed  Metal Flex Cables
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Power End Feed metal flex cables (or Starter Cables) for multi-circuit systems 

(Jacketed design “dresses up” visible connections)

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Power End Feed metal flex cables for multi-circuit systems (7wire 3circuit, 8wire 3circuit, or 8wire 4circuit options). UL/CSA Listed Starter cables,  employ insulated conductors routed through flexible metal conduit are considered to be a separate electrical raceway and suitable as a barrier and separation from communication conductors and circuits. International wiring (8wire 3circuit only). NEC certified

Length: Cables can be ordered up to the "inch" (SPECIFY INCHES ON YOUR ORDER).
Minimum cable length is 12". Maximum cable length is 240". Any length more than 240" can use a male/female connector cable (ask us).


Ships in: 3-5 days

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