EPC Deluxe Keyboard Tray

EPC Deluxe Keyboard Tray

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Ergonomically correct and easy to use like the ELA, but with added features.

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The EPC deluxe Lift&Lock keyboard arm offers a easy spring-assisted, knobless adjustment with tilt dial indicator and height guage. The maximum height adjustment is 8 1/2" and can be adjusted to level with or below the work surface. This model features 360 degree swivel, 15 degrees negative tilt, 10 degrees positive tilt (or option to remove the positive tilt), a 21" glide track. The 24"x12" rear curved platform comes with a 9" attachable (non-handed) mouse that stays 1/4" above the keyboard tray surface, and a custom memory form palm rest. (GSA schedule)

Arm Features:
*low-profile, knob-less, spring assisted
*8 1/2" height adjustment
*tilt dial indicator
*height guage
*knob for tilt release
*10 degree positive tilt (or no positive NP)
*15 degree negative tilt
*360 degree swivel
*retractable on 21" glide track
(see detailed image below)

Platform Features:
*ultra strong 1/4" thick 24"x12" rear curved platform
*9" swivel mouse with wire gaurd & micro film surface (non-handed)
*memory formed palm rest
(see detailed image below)

Ships in: 48hrs.

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