Environmental Statements

IAP is GREEN all over
Green. Carbon Neutral. Eco-friendly. It can all get very confusing these days choosing the right product that has the ideal combination of beauty, durability and that is manufactured in a conscientious way.
Most things that we do -- from driving ours cars to flying in planes and using light bulbs -- contribute to the amount of CO2 we are putting into the atmosphere. First, we need to realize how we are contributing, and then take steps to decrease our carbon output.
I started the process for IAP by looking at what other manufacturers were doing to address their carbon footprint. Surprisingly, many were not looking at their total operation. Rather than address the impact of their production, they often introduced a product that is "Green," but that only represented a small percentage of their footprint. In looking at the environmental responsibility IAP would take, it struck me that this was an admirable first step, but was it going far enough? I became convinced that IAP could and would take a comprehensive approach to environmental responsibility. To reduce the carbon footprint in manufacturing our products, I looked at three factors: raw materials, production process and natural resources needed. The first element was raw materials, by utilizing low gas resins and recycled metals we were able to reduce emissions. Second, in production we have completely eliminated the spraying of resins, the only leading company in the industry to have done so. By eliminating the spraying process in manufacturing, we are greatly reducing the amount of total emissions. Lastly, reducing the use of resources. Throughout our entire production process, everything is done by hand. Electricity is only used in the polishing process; therefore, drawing on the bare minimum of resources. Even after an IAP object is finished, they're still doing their part. The lightweight fiberglass form lowers shipping costs and fuel usage.
Sure, this makes our cost of production higher and more labor intensive, but the important thing to me was that the price not be paid by the environment. I initiated the process in order to do our part -- hardly knowing what kind of response we would receive, if any. So, it has been wholly gratifying for me to learn just how completely our clients share our sense of responsibility.


Cradle to Cradle Certified
Eight of the Byrne Power/Data Centers are Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM.
The Cradle to Cradle, or C2C Certification process rates products on: (1) their incorporation of environmentally safe and healthy materials, (2) their design for material reutilization, including recycling and composting, (3) the manufacturer’s use of renewable energy and energy-efficient production, (4) the efficient use of water and maximum water quality associated with production, and (5) the implementation of social-responsibility strategies.
Visit C2Ccertified.com for more information on the certification process.
Conserving natural resources and minimizing our footprint on the environment are fundamental ideals at ECA. Our development of a long term strategy toward sustainability guide all aspects of our business from our product development and manufacturing practices to our commitment to the social wellbeing of our associates and our community.
Our worksurface products are all constructed of steel or aluminum and provide easy upgradeability allowing product reuse, extended product life cycle and an overall reduction in waste. In addition, our powder coat paint line eliminates the effects of harmful VOC’s associated with the use of liquid paint.
Driving continuous improvement through Lean Manufacturing principles is the backbone of our business philosophy and culture. Eliminating process steps makes us more efficient and improve our product quality while also reducing energy consumption and waste. ECA is proud to have been recognized for our achievements in this area by being presented with the Northeast Excellence in Manufacturing Award by the Association of Manufacturing Excellence.
Associate health and safety are foremost concerns for ECA. Progressive policies and programs are in place and monitored to address the physical and emotional wellbeing of associates at all levels of the organization. A proactive program “Safety is Your Responsibility” is a key value and has drastically reduced the incidence of safety related accidents in the workplace. ECA associates are also active in supporting various areas of our community through the promotion of corporate sponsored events and activities. We are proud of what we have accomplished and are dedicated to continue our journey of preserving our future.


GRAND STANDS, INC. very closely monitors all operations to prevent negative impacts on the environment, the health and safety of our employees and the community. We pride ourselves in being highly selective of the companies we partner with that share our philosophy of minimizing the impact on our environment by reducing, reusing and recycling materials at all possible stages. We utilize domestic manufactures whenever possible.

At Gyford Productions we believe that industry leadership is fundamental to environmental leadership. This principle is part of our business culture and a core value since we began full manufacturing operations in 1991. It is our commitment to provide a sustainable product, reduce waste, save energy, and reuse materials wherever possible. We approach this pledge through these three company cornerstones, Our Product, Our Employees, The Company (read more on the product pages)



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