About Us

EVENT HORIZON PVDC has been providing its customers with power telecommunication products with leading edge technology, and innovative designs since 2003. Our ever changing product offering has reached far beyond the original products our customers demanded from us. Since 2003, we have expanded into delivering essential furniture, and furniture components for working interactive environments. Our main focus is to promote the use of responsible materials, recognize the importance of innovation, and provide an environment where people can use their skills in an atmosphere of mutual respect. From the beginning, our customers had a simple request “give us a solution so we don’t have to crawl under our desk or conference table to change electrical outlets or data connectors”. Now we offer a full range of “Intelligent furniture solutions”, that integrate technology into the furniture. We have solutions for boardroom and conferencing tables, AV presentation furniture, computer desks, and study carrels, meeting, and training tables, and even specialty items for kitchen power applications. There is a wide selection of sizes, shapes, finishes, material choices, mounting options, circuit systems, and wiring configurations, to suit most technical, and aesthetic needs while maintaining a budget, but if that’s not enough, we can customize products. Our end-to-end wire/cable management ,and pathway solutions are not only functional, but are great looking too. You will find the same qualities with our other innovative products which include: Storage & Shelving, which is easily integrated into any situation. Interactive, and universal, this storage & shelving can respond to all of today’s demands, from technology, and mobility, to accessibility, and scale; StandOff, Wire, and Rod Systems are machined from fine recycled U.S. aluminum or stainless steel hardware components. The aluminum raw blank material is 55% recycled, and the stainless steel raw blank material is over 90% recycled (both can be reused again). Proper Lighting is essential for your general well-being. Our data shows the effects of proper indirect lighting, downward direct lighting, and task lights. Lighting has a profound effect in the workplace regarding productivity, as well as environmental, and economical impact.  Ergonomic Gear is a practical, and economical solution in the work place that fosters productivity, and comfort. Planters, Ash/Trash Receptacles are simply stunning while maintaining the durability required of their environment. Seating is a commodity product, but we carry a select few that are unique to our industry. All of our vendors are committed to environmental responsibility by eliminating waste, reducing environmental hazards, and supporting green building practices. Each product has its own environmental bi-line, which can be easily researched if so desired. They are attractive, unique, and functional, but most importantly, they work within the environment we hope to sustain. 


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