IAP Element Fiberglass & Metal Planter Ash/Trash

IAP Element Fiberglass & Metal Planter Ash/Trash

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Inspired by Asian influence, mid-century and modern design Chris Collard Fairfax planter, ash and trash incorporates these elements to create unique and beautiful accent products.

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The Element ash/trash container is a vision of simplicity with its elegantly rounded rectangular shape. It's a seamless fit in contemporary and classic designs made all the more perfect by custom hand finishing in a choice of automotive-grade paints or Fusions, our signature metal finish that ages gracefully by developing a soft patina. Contact IAP directly for details on recycle, custom and food court applications.


Features:  Available tops: trash, ash, ash/trash, recycle and towel bin, UV and scratch resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, Engineered to lower maintenance and replacement costs


Size: 27.5" x 23.5" x 32"h

(AT) ash & trash w/liner (standard)(optional: trash only w/liner, ash only, towel bin w/liner)

Colors: See photos


Ships in: 2-8 weeks (some sizes & colors in stock, call 888-801-4189)

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